Our Services

For more than 30 years, we have committed ourselves to ensuring a highly selective inventory and to investing in long-term relationships.


Our long-term relationship and trust with suppliers allow us to source natural, unheated gemstones first-hand, and to see production outputs ahead of the market. Every gem is individually hand selected by our trusted, experienced sorters, ensuring a selection of only the cleanest, most evenly color gems.


Native, freeform cutting of gemstones

We operate our lapidary made-up of a highly-skilled team of cutters. Our master-cutter has over thirty years of experience and has continually trained newcomers to the team. Now our main facility consists of 5 highly-skilled and highly-experienced cutters. Our main cutting facility concentrates on recutting larger gemstones starting from 1ct upwards. Our main priority when recutting a gemstone is to enhance its clarity, color and shape while seeking to retain as much weight as possible.

The lapidary sector offers various views when it comes to gemstones cutting. The precision cutting style uses tools, which enable novices to learn how to cut gems in two to three weeks. While this is fine and calibrated gemstones, when it comes to high-value material such as top-grade untreated rubies, sapphires, spinels, tsavorites, the preference of the industry is still a free-form style of cutting. This requires artists who take years to perfect their craft and are trained either by their family members or work under a master-cutter, sometimes for more than five years. Our cutters in this sub-segment, have a deep understanding of the mineral and its character. They study the rough or gemstone for a long time, and the entire process from raw to a faceted polished gem can take months to execute.

Precision Cutting of gemstones

Our second cutting factory is highly mechanized, and is expanding to utilize advanced technology of lasers and robotics, which can cut to the precision of microns. Currently we produce highly symmetrical facets and exacting proportions for melee gemstones in the size range of 0.8mm to 3.5mm.

With precision cutting the objective is to deliver to our clients exactly what they require for both jewellery and manufacturing of timepieces, therefore we are able to tailor our cuts to the needs of our customers. With increased frequency among designers for pave and micro-pavé settings, calibrated gemstones are the essential fuel stoking the creative fire.


Customization and special commissions have become the norm in the fine jewellery sector.

One of the services our customers enjoy is how our team sources and sorts gemstones as per our proprietary grading system. Over the years, our team has been trained to exclusively source loupe-clean gem material and organize gems after re-cutting as per the KV Gems colour and size master set. For Melee color gemstones, our customers purchase a master set from us as per their preference. The master set contains all color saturations from most saturation(1#) to least saturation(8#), which they use to help for easy communication to order gems as per their requirement remotely. Our clients have come to rely heavily on the surgical precision of our grading system, which saves them considerable time.

The sorting department is also responsible for finding the right gemstones for particular jewelry designs requested by our clients, while also creating beautiful layouts and pairs so our customers can work with pre-existing suites.